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Social Media, over the last few days, have given me much to ponder. Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with discussions on equality (human rights) for gays; proselytising at a Jamaican public school (Principal of Jamaica College, Ruel Reid, had a full-fledged revival on the campus of the school on a school day, during class time, without sanctions - a demonstration of the privilege religion, Christianity in particular, enjoys in this country); whether or not obeah should be kept illegal and whether we should expel pregnant girls from school(s) or have them quarantined at some school for pregnant women.

What all of these debates have exposed is our collective loss of a moral compass. Morality has been sacrificed at the altar of liberalism and progressiveness. I am here to redeem us all and offer us a solution towards surviving the decadence and godlessness. This list is exhaustive. What I do not mention here is not important enough to contemplate.

Firstly, regarding equality for gays, when will we accept as a MORAL nation that heterosexuals are more human than gays. The sub/non-humanity of gays must be heralded and accepted if we are to keep on the moral path that precludes the cataclysmic end on (heterosexual)humankind as we know it.

With regards to proselytising at school during school days, at class time, that is PERFECTLY ok. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge and school is the perfect place for that, since families have failed to do so.

I am incredulous that people will even countenance obeah! Seriously? Never mind that as Christians, we invoke the wrath of god, through prayer, to avenge our cause against our enemies, Christianity is "European" and Obeah is African. Let superiority reign. As a matter of fact God allowed us to be enslaved by Europeans to save us of the evil that is obeah. Europe was our saviour. Keep obeah illegal and let us continue on our moral path of demonizing those ancient African beliefs.

Worse still than obeah is the idea that pregnant girls must stay in schools to corrupt our other innocent youth. Pregnancy is contagious and immoral. Those girls had sex out of wedlock and want us to celebrate and reward their immorality. NO! We must take a righteous stand. No sin goes unpunished. We must allow them to learn this lesson and punish their immoral act of fornication by taking away their right to an education and making them vulnerable to a lifetime of poverty. When they learn this lesson, the generations after them will fear god and act righteously. We cannot compromise and we cannot relent in our efforts to entrench morality as the foundation of a godly nation.

Apart from those issues that have had social media abuzz, I wish to further these other moral codes:

1. I will love to see our laws being amended to punish ALL forms of sexual sin: homosexuality, fornication, adultery, lusting, oral sex, sex in positions other than the missionary style. Sex is sacred and our sexual behaviours must demonstrate such sacredness.

2. There must be a total ban of mensurating women; persons with rashes and any other physical blemishes; priests/preachers with sight defects (Leviticus 21:20) and men who have had nocturnal emission(s) the night before, from all places of worship. The Bible is our guide for life and must be totally adhered to.

3. Our government must move with alacrity on legislation that will punish by death persons who dare to worship on any day besides Saturday; eat shell fish and ever other kind of unclean meat as listed in Leviticus.

4. The government, through the ministry of agriculture should enforce severe punishment against those who plant two different kinds of seeds in one hole (peas and corn). This is against the word of God and we must never tolerate that.

5. Even in our fashion, we have remained silent while the devil has led us on a slippery slope to hell. there shall be no mixing of fabrics. Any person caught wearing more than one fabric type at a time shall be imprisoned to TEN years,minimum with hard labour.

6. And, in order than we increase productivity and fix our economy, each person is allowed to purchase slaves as long they come from Haiti or Cuba. Leviticus 25:44 gives me the right to own slaves as long as they are obtained from neighbouring nations - See more at:

Yvonne McCalla-Sobers said,
"So many Jamaicans are so in love with slavery that they welcome every infringement of their civil liberties, especially if it comes with a hymn and a Bible verse and the promise of bliss in the hereafter paid for by yielding the capacity to question what is irrational. What works for pastors also works for politicians, gang leaders, and any person or entity that wants to control through fear rather than engage through reason. Tyranny thrives on blind obedience, and so do crime, poverty, corruption, underdevelopment, and debt entrapment (unless the dictatorship is thorough and brutal, and thinkers are eliminated or otherwise silenced)."

What Sobers fails to understand is that "morality" requires blind obedience and that obedience is better than sacrifice. Crime, poverty, corruption, underdevelopment, and debt entrapment are small prices to pay to protect our moral constitution and survive the decadence and godlessness.

Think on these things!


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