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What's The Big Deal Anyway??: My New Year's Resolutions

I am convinced that people who talk about, "I am not into making resolutions. I just live my life and expect everything to fall into place," are as naive as they are disingenuous in their attempts to be "different". The truth is, we are constantly making resolutions: resolving to improve our lives; talking decisions that will bring resolutions to many of life's conflicts (whether it is changing jobs, ending/starting a new relationship, losing weight. Whenever life presents us with options/choices, a resolution is needed. And we constantly make those, whether it is daily, at the end/beginning of every year or once a decade. Nobody has the monopoly on when these resolution must be made and if a large percentage of persons choose to make their at the end of a year, LET THEM!!!

2012 had been a year of shedding, learning and growing for me. I gave myself permission to become - beyond the boundaries that were set for me by family, friends and society. As thrilling as the journey sometimes was, it was often very lonely. The adventure of high flight means that you have to leave the pigeons and ground-doves behind. I learned that. The connection we often form with transience (often people) is often the inhibitor to our own happiness. But the most important discovery I made in 2012 was the discovery of self - that which you are left with when you are not trying to impress anyone. You know, the self you are left with when the lights are turned off? In those moments, I discovered and accepted that "I AM"... I AM worthy (worth it)! It was when I became aware of this incredible fact, that the universe aligned with my consciousness and they both conspired to make me happy.Armed with this awareness and with steely resolve, I confidently approach 2013.

I have never, before, made resolutions. I guess it was difficult for me to do be cause I never really truly understood who I am and what I was worth. But here are my resolutions for 2013:

1. In 2013, I refuse to be as accommodating: To accommodate others' opinions, desires, needs, is to sacrifice your own. It is always a win/lose arrangement with you being the inevitable loser. I resolve to put me first. I AM WORTHY of attention and love from me. I must first be happy. Just as misery loves company, so too does happiness.

2. In 2013, I am going to be a lot more authentic: Any engagement or interaction that requires me to mask myself and my thoughts is one not worth my time. Authenticity is the key to being able to meet with yourself. I will give myself permission to call friends and relatives out on their bullshit. Building authentic relationships (where we all can trust to remove our masks without fear of being judged) is my mission for the new year. Some people are about to be axed. I AM WORTHY of acceptance of the real me.

3. In 2013, I am going to use the word, "NO" more often: This word, as painful as it might be to use, might be empowering for you and set you free from parasites. Parasites can disguise themselves as human beings and may even pose as your friends. They will suck the life out of you and move on to another host upon realizing that you no longer serve their purpose. You are left hurt because you gave your all and they gave nothing.. Duhhhhhh!!! Honey, they are parasites. They are not into symbiotic relationships. Saying NO weeds parasite out of your life. I AM WORTHY of relationships that engender mutuality.

4.In 2013, I am committing myself to recognize and give value to the constants in my life: There are people who have always been there - through thick and thin. It becomes so easy to feel entitled to their constancy and presence and consequently take them for granted. With life being so transient, I plan to celebrate the presence of each such person in my life. I AM WORTHY of the love and stability they bring to my life.

5. And, finally, in 2013, I am pursuing every dream I have ever had: Often, we are the biggest stumbling block in our way. I have had dreams that I have pushed aside because I figured that I was not smart, wealthy, well-connected enough to do them. "Let someone else do it," I would tell myself. Those dreams found themselves in my consciousness because they saw me as a worthy custodian - incubator if you will. I AM WORTHY to be the carrier of dreams that are bigger than my name and my pocket.

Feel free to share your own resolutions... resolve to make your own life exactly the way you want it. The world is not kind enough to do it for you!!!!


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