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Random Musings: Negotiating Social Media; Discovering Me

I don't think I am a coward - Far from it!! Sometimes I just think many people may not be able to handle, make sense of or appreciate my thoughts/reflection.Sometimes, I do get into trouble because I cannot help sharing my thoughts and often they conflict with what others think should conform to.In this post I share some of my random musings on twitter (where I feel most uninhibited - free to take my alter-ego or perhaps the real me). The tweets have just been copied and pasted; they are not adjusted or edited in any way. I have simply attempted to place them into general categories. Here are my random musings:

The World Around Me

My heart hurts every time I see the children on the street begging or peddling late nights and during school hours and the authorities seem ok
The metaphor of cannibalism and the dehumanising of those who are "less than" and the interrogation of Morality as defined by the "establishment"

Sitting at this conference, I'm recognising that the issue is Power; Hegemony! Morality, Religion and Dancehall are all grasping at power by its own evangelistic thrusts.
Those of us who are advocates against discrimination are sometimes filled with our own prejudices and discriminatory postures.

My educational achievements and intelligence are not to put me in a separate class from those who lacked opportunities or squandered same... I'm afforded this opportunity 2 present those who weren't as fortunate with a social & mental lift that will only make society better for me

All Oppression is connected.... woe to the man who fights racism but wont give a yute a job becoz he from the ghetto... woe to the person who is against discrimination based on HIV status but refuses to date someone on the sole basis that that one is #FAT…Woe to the Christian zealot who burn out chichi man to uphold righteousness but has a helper working for less than minimum wage

"Where there is no justice, there shall be no peace; no unity...." "Many prayer breakfasts and peace marches won't accomplish what #justice is not allowed to""#injustice leaves men defenseless against themselves!!"
Start your thinking process by first jumping off the bandwagon. You'll find that you see things a lot more clearly!

Aundre Franklin is petty, infantile, given to fatuity, intemperate, intellectually challenged, simple, naïve, arrogant, ignorant, uncultured.

Why when many of these "artistes" say they're singing conscious, they sing about ghetto & poor? That's all our reflection can produce?

Religion & Faith

some say I am brave for discussing the issues I do i had to leave a board on a matter of principle becoz of Christians bigotry.
To be a good Christian i must kill you with my message of righteousness. I must deny you justice to claim righteousness... .. but righteousness is Justice... and to deny one justice is to act unrighteously... so not even Christians have a claim to righteousness... what then is the relevance of Christianity as a social construct... The God that Christians worship is not fashioned by hands; has no image but it is a design of Christian dogma and idol dedicated to hate
I am happy for my Christian upbringing. it did not convert me into a blind follower but d incongruity btwn thot and praxis forced me e think. it provoked a cacophony of questions that made me new I could only apprehend God through my intellect and not an emotional pilgrimage... that is religion is to me: an emotional pilgrimage; a subjugation of the mind by convoluted verbiage that fails the test of practice... ...It is Christianity (not secular agenda) that has set me free from itself, from a construct that thrives on separatism.... separatism does not create the homogeneity that Christianity desires; it creates greater divisions and opportunities for exploitation.... There has never been a homogenous society... the Jesus of the bible certainly did not live in one and never tried to institute one....
My faith experience has been one of assessing, interrogating and reexamining my "reasons" for belief & what I believe. So that I can believe
My Faith looks up to You and keeps still within my sight, the You that is around me in my human folk and all of nature
"My faith then is nurtured by my experience of the world; of matter: building and growing as I draw from the archives of human experience"
I'm afraid of any religion that's arrogant enough to boast of being the holder of #absolute truth! There are absolutes but can they b known?
For me the distinction between that which is absolute and that which is ultimate must be made! That which is absolute is infinite... ....Yet finite minds claim to know and have apprehended that which is infinite (absolute)? Ergo di Christian is agnostic... for s/he can only apprehend God (infinity/absolute) through faith and not knowledge... They can only believe God is; not know!
RT @DMarcAnthony:@Chatimout Judeo-Christian morality is an onslaught against itself.... Soon self-destruct

Vulnerability/Fragility/ Trying to Master Me

if i were life i will fuck you royally... if i were your heart, i will break perpetually..If I were you, I will love me back
The things I defend, are they simply intellectual and political posturing or are they a matter of conscience and conviction?
#wheneverImbored, I get into my head and overhear things that challenge and stir me to push beyond the status quo
Christians are usually anti everything.. .are they pro anything?
I'm happy for the opportunities I've had to love. It proves that the natural human tendency to be selfish can be mastered
#tragedy always makes for great stories and inspires hope and the possibility of #Triumph

What past life had I, where I was so evil? Was I Beelzebub? Hitler, Nero? Diocletian? Mugabe? Bruce Golding? The Pope? Wat am I paying for? Why didn't the gods just punish me in the previous life? Were my sins so crimson that I forfeited redemption? God of punishment, do u think this is a fair match up - Divine against mortal? R yu so weak that ur strength comes from afflicting the frail. Consider this case and judge fairly between us! Ur cosmic deceit reverberates! U say u are love yet seek the demise of the vulnerable

Dare to defy words that doubted your possibilities

Forgiveness is sweet victory: it steps over pain, and turmoil and betrayal and hurt and bring you to freedom... Valiant! Resilient! I'm here

My people are a Mighty Race... We've known enslavement and oppression. We've accomplished much with the little that we get! Oh Mighty Race!

I cry for those whose tears have dried up; speak for those whose voice has been silence, being prisoners within their own heads. I DREAM!

I see the best in people but too often they are too busy showing me the worst in them
I trust myself to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks... I place that much confidence in the me that i know that i am

Grateful for the life that I've lived & the opportunities that I have been given & the persons whose live had intertwined with mine. #God
Observed & experienced ppl who claim 2 luv me, wen u give dem time u realise dat it was intrigue/fondness, which like a vapour is transient

Grateful for the countless opportunities I get to fall in love with myself, enjoy my own company and experience the happiness I bring to me!

Spirituality, Sexuality and Self
Breath against skin; skin against skin. Pulsating! Yearning! Let your love ooze into me; oh let me drink from your cisterns #Desire
Breathe over me: speak words of sensuous currency. Revive me; oh that you will water my soul with your lips.. Until I melt into you-within U. I desire you: our bodies converging in a symphony of moans and groans and aaahs and oohs! Come into me in all your goodness as I desire YOU. Let my manhood respond keenly to ur caress; to ur wetness; to ur wanting. Let our love cause sheets to ruffle, while nations swell within us. Oh my beloved, more than any other I desire you! Breath to skin; skin to skin let's desire envelope us: you! Me! My Desire. I desire You!
I saw u in my dream, desperately trying to liberate others with your words but you become a prisoner of ur own words; trapped within ur head. I spend quiets days with u and you speak, only that the words are trapped in ur head and what escapes ur lips are you denials and pretense. How do u find the balance of freeing others from the expectations of a fully lived life, while u desperately affix urself to same shackles? Hey Mr. Emancipator! I'm talk to u Mr.; the Wilberforce of Human liberty and clear conscience! What have you to say for urself? Are your words caught in the way of your masquerading?
Mr. Emancipator speaks back: "I'm on stage! Can u see me? I'm in character; I'm quite a mystery. I'm master of masquerades. "Don't believe I'm wat u see or perceive. It can all be part of the charade. There go the lights; the applause, the acclaim." But do u know the person lurking behind this frame? Can u see every intent; the very plot my mind has conjured; every motive? Can u discern with acute accuracy the blank expressions, that I emote. This sterling - show-stopping performance is spiraling to an END. The props are being dismantled, the lights becoming dim, the applauds - less audible. Shouts of acceptance & approval becum a cacophony of scorn & shame. The set is down!.......& all the actors r introduced. Everyone now knows my true identity. They gasp! They murmur! They all eat up air to soothe their shock..... & many to confirm what they alway thought. It was me. It is I. &, this is the curtain call!

Murky waters roll over our soul; washing our freedom away & entombed in its bowels, we find a hiding place from blood sport & whips #Exodus

Chained and Shackled but free. Those have no power over identity! Your boundaries won't confine me and ur labels won't define me. Free to be

@Chatimout Truth is never intimidated by varying views for truth's humble. Positions that fight for dominance are normally counterfeit


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