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Political Madness meet Religious Insanity: Betty-Ann Blaine Trace MI

So Political Aspirant, who led the few hours occupy Half-Way-Tree campaign and some form of anti-election evangelist, Betty-Ann Blaine took me on after I responded to one of her post on Facebook. The venom and intemperance with which she handled the situation might just mean that Blaine's political aspiration will remain a simple wish. I think she could have been a bit more diplomatic in "our tracing match." I do find it interesting that what she repudiates, she is guilty of. Take a read!

Betty Ann Blaine
I am watching and these political advertisements are getting from bad to worse, people will do anything for power. This proves to the majority of well thinking Jamaicans that the PNP and JLP is on a collision course and are blind by corruption and power, if the blind leads the blind both fall into the ditch so continue following them and they will lead you and this nation 6 FT deep. "Come out of her my people and be not apart of her sins and plagues," DON'T VOTE for none of them, demand BETTER for JAMAICA!
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Damien Williams Using similar biblical rhetoric, as you are prone to do, the bible admonishes that we pray for our leaders that we lead peaceable lives. I am wary of the kind of condemnatory posturing often guised in holy frock. Besides, what good would it accomplish to boycott the elections? As vile as these politicians appear to YOU, there is inherent good in the vilest of sinners. What we do need is to hold leaders accountable...
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Lawman Lynch I think we miss the point Betty Ann Blaine is making. Though i know for a fact it wont work because of our socialization and the political atmosphere we were brought up in, we need to look at the bigger picture. Correct me if i'm wrong Mrs. Blaine, i understand you are saying that both major political parties, because they know they have their claws and teeth sinked in the psyche of the Jamaican people, they continue to rape us mentally. I have been watching the advertisement as well, the PNP's ads are more sophisticated, but i think there is nothing new about the type of politics that we need to make Jamaica better.
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Damien Williams The people, (CIVIL society and other institutions) have the power to shift political praxes. We have seen how political powers have bowed to applied pressure... That political parties have acted corruptly, in some instances, does not make them, attributively, corrupt. I still see no sense in boycotting elections or in me going to the grave if I dont. Missing point? Because I disagree? Interesting! That Mrs. Blaine put this in public domain suggests that differing views could be expressed. Pardon my indulgence...
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Ziggy Effion Lewis Betty i like u but i am havein some probs with so of ur post,,,what u have to say about the gay thing??? and ur callin peiople blind and that they r going to fall in 6FT deep if they don't vote for u??? this is crazy,,,,i vote for who i was ,,,,and i will never vote for sista p and the PNP...... i know y u talkin about the ads,,,because they r not in like-in with the pnp,,,well no one told a like on sista p....all of those ads is who hse carry her self like leggo beast....about gay in the cambinet,,i don't wrong peter phillips
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Amelia Rose Choosing to boycott the election is not an option for Jamaican citizens; a better option would be to have a 3rd party candidate on the ballot. Voiding that, voters are between the Devil and the deep blue sea as it were and must choose the lesser of two evils and then hold them accountable. That's where I see the problem withe the Jamaican electorate- lot's of talk, but no actions that send a clear message to government leaders that their behaviors will not be rewarded with continued votes at every election.
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Lawman Lynch Sorry for the delayed response, had to attend an event... Yes Damien Williams, i said "missed the point". It had nothing to do with opposing views, as a matter of fact, if you read my comment carefully, i also stated that "it wont work because of our socialization and the political atmosphere we were brought up in"; which may translate to me saying no to the boycott. Boycotting an election could also translate to mean a "revolt". My opinion is that though Betty Ann Blaine may mean "persons not going to the polls on the 29th", if we look at the larger picture, the idea is to prove to our politicians that their behaviour is unacceptable. At least she suggested something, what are some other suggestions coming from civil society. There are 3rd party candidates, and the ONLY reason 3rd parties are not seen as viable is because of the other point i made that our major political parties "have their claws and teeth sinked in the psyche of the Jamaican people".
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Dwayne Brown Gays are already in the cabinet...closeted/Down Low/bisexual married men...For those who are overly concerned about gays in the Jamaica parliament, uno go do a survey and a private investigation on every socalled str8 politicians Or just get over it. We dont know what our friends, leaders, and love ones do behind closed doors. In fact, I dont want to know.
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Betty Ann Blaine I am surprised at the amount of straight men in Jamaica that like to trace like Ziggy Effion Lewis and Damien Williams, you are such political tools that before you understand what I am saying and respect my position you trace me. Amelia Rose I head one of the Third Parties and the system is set up that I need 40,000 signatures in order to even start the process of running or debating in a Jamaican election, these and other constraints make it difficult to contest, especially a "quick trick election." Now, NO ONE of good conscience should vote in this quick election, the two parties are corrupt and irresponsible as now being proven in there advertisements and dishonest, election is not due until next year but because they both want power they fighting to do it asap in the season of Jesus Christ's birth. Although I am shocked at the level of political ignorance of some of you who trace me and am convinced that you are being paid to be here and chat foolishness, I am however proud of the 40% or more Jamaican's who do not participate in general elections. The JLP and PNP are not worth it and I wait and pray for the day the 60% wake up and overthrow both of them and set up a coalition government of good, after 49 years of these two criminial gangs we have had enough and should demand better now. Lawman Lynch as usual you were right in your explanation of my point and thanks for having insight, even though you might disagree with me, you give me your ear, your future looks bright. Dwayne Brown re: the topic of homosexuals in the cabinet, I am against discrimination against people who are gay or bi and believe the law should be used to protect humans who are in danger especially since all have fallen short of the glory of God but as to permit them openly into my cabinet, I am not in agreement. Gods laws re: fornication, adultery, stealing, murdering, homosexuality, etc which mind you are all in the cabinet especailly the government of today, God's law cannot be thwarted to allow confessed sinners to get into leadership by refusing to get their weakness under control. I am sorry son that I have to be at odds with you on this one because I know that you are passionate over this topic but that is my position.
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Damien Williams Betty Ann Blaine, you have, in your response, demonstrated why you are NO different from those you demonise. Yours is not the only view that exists and deserves understanding and respect... "I am surprised at the amount of straight men in Jamaica that like to trace like Ziggy Effion Lewis and Damien Williams, you are such political tools that before you understand what I am saying and respect my position you trace me."<------- that statement is not only sexist and misanthropic but it lacks cerebral engagement. Moreover, your insinuations that those who do participate in the political process are blind, being paid and do not possess good conscience is at best fatuous... As to your ad hominem, ahahahahaha. I laugh, you know nothing about me to decide that either I am straight of I love to trace... Your infantile ranting is unbecoming of a politician and paragon of 'righteousness"... Now, go sin no more, practice what you preach and respect my position and stop trace me and accusing me of tracing... I await your continued "holy" tracing ( maybe you will do it in tongues)..But i am off this (Have no further comments on this)
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  1. I really thought betty was different from the rest she talk about so strongly.... but you know from her tone when she speaks you would realize the under part of the coat is not really clean

  2. I guess we are seeing the underbelly of a very ugly beast here known as Religious Fundamentalism (Bigotry) often dressed in holy frock.Betty's behaviour speaks volumes. She prefers a society where views are not allowed to contend. Sounds like dictatorship? The homogeneity that she appreciates is not just diabolical (one of her favourite words), it is a threat to human liberties.

  3. what is wrong with Betty i honestly thought that this woman was different....i see no level of understanding from Betty....her biblical position is so infantile. i am appalled by her give me some of the money weh di politician dem pay yuh fi defend dem!

  4. Howard, as soon as the politicians make the money available, I will be sure to share the spoils... hahahahaha

  5. Yes mi deh ya again. first of all where was i when this soap opera took place.
    Her future in politics looks very very very very dimm.


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