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"Christian" God vs Gay God

Tension Between Sexual Identity and Faith

When Barbara Walters' hairstylist of thirty years told of the story of his wedding day, it wasn't with the usual ebullience that characterises a newly wed. The Christian driver who took him to the courthouse on that day reminded him of why he shouldn't be marrying his male lover.

"It is a sin... You are making God cry, right now!" The driver admonished.

With a very pained face, the hairstylist said he said to the driver, "Your God is not my God and my God is not yours."

The notion of the gods at war concern me. That gays may feel the need to claim or create for themselves a god who is a lot more loving and sophisticated in thinking than the Christian God is telling of how:
1. Christians have succeeded in alienating some people from faith and particularly from a God they claim is universal
2. Intertwined are the issues of faith and identity
3. perceptions of God (God's attributes and character; non/existence) impact on how one views self and negotiates identity

In my own engagements with my GLBTQI brothers and sisters, I have discovered that many feel that they have to choose between God and their sexual orientation. They are often people of faith who love God but who, because of fundamentalist Christian perspectives, have been conditioned to think that God doesn't reciprocate that love. The results of such thinking vary. Some continue to lead double lives. On the one hand, they inculcate same fundamentalist position about GLBTQI persons and repudiate the sexual behaviours within that community and on the other hand they secretly enagage in the same practices that they repudiate; loathing both self and the God whose moral code they defend publicly. Some have managed to deal with the tension by conceptualising a God much more benevolent and accepting than the fundamentalist Christians' God. It makes accepting of self and negotiation of faith a lot easier. Still, others have managed to deal with the conflict by abandoning faith/God altogether. If, according to Christians, God is creator and is responsible for all things, yet, God seemingly did not create gays, lesbians et al, then it stands to reason that either a creator doesn't exist or gays and lesbians don't exist. And they do! So it is the "creator" who doesn't exist.

A couple a months ago, JFLAG had a PSA that urged families to love each member of their family irrespective of sexual orientation; a message that supports the respect for family and promotes love in an otherwise violent country. One would think that the church, otherwise very silent, would jump on the bandwagon and support a message of love. Their response? They demonised both the PSA and gays, accusing them of attempting to corrupt the state.

Portia Simpson-Miller indicated, in the recently held leadership debate, that she is not averse to having gays in her cabinet because persons should be appointed to positions based on merit and not sexual orientation. What Portia suggested spoke to justice and equity; tenets of the Christian faith. The church respected her for that right? Wrong!!! The church turned around and demonised her.

Unconditional love (The point of the PSA) and Justice and equity (Portia's point) are tenets of Christianity that Christians were willing and militant enough to fight against because they had to do with gays and gays are definitely not deserving of any such thing from the Christian God or Christian[s](sympathisers).

As a person of faith, who appreciates the teachings and example of Jesus, I am hurt; sometimes angered at the arrogance of certain groups within Christianity who seem to think that they have a monopoly on God. I hurt every time I encounter one of my sisters or brothers who is stretched between a love/hate relationship with self and God. So often Christians act unlovingly in an effort to defend their God,who by-the-way defines himself/herself as/by love... I wonder if God also cried at the driver's attitude towards the poor hairstylist on his wedding day!!?

I have reflected upon the "nice" little Christian saying, "God made Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve." It has led me to ask the question, "Who, then, made Steve?" Does Steve have his own Creator? Do gays have their own God? If they do, then why are Chrsitians attempting to enforce their God's requirements and laws upon Gays? Shouldn't they be allowed to obey their own creator? I hope by now, my readers are realising the fatuity of Christian fundamentalism.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! My yute u always manage to find a perspective that is seldom, if ever, explored. This is quiet true and even frightening that Christians have been getting God wrong for centuries. Thanx bro

    1. Thanks, alwilljr!! Your feedback is always encouraging!

  2. I seldom hear preachers Sundays after Sundays preaching against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and how Jesus rebuke then for being Religious bigots...yet many of these preachers practise the same things the Pharisees were guilty of-that same monopoly that the pharisee thought they have on God is the striking similarity to that of Christians today. it was that that kept them out of the Kingdom in the first place. sinners, prostitute and tax collectors were accepted into the kingdom while these know-it-all were being rejected. I hope the many will subscribe to ur blog and get some edification that will drive them to act. this is an interesting piece it certainly impact mi...bless one love keep up the good work

  3. This is the kind of Christian country we live in. And it is not just about injustice against GLBTQI people; it is about injustice against the vulnerable and voiceless (see post entitled, "Politics of Prejudice"... see the link below


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