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Jamaica is a Christian Nation...Conveniently!!!

Six(6) year old Teonia Henry found dead on a plot of land that has been relegated to being used as a make shift latrine. Hands bound in front of her little six year old body, which had several stab wounds and might have been sexually assaulted, Teonia's lifeless body was discovered early Saturday morning.

In an unrelated incident, a taxi carrying passengers, allegedly bumped into a BMW X5 on Highland Drive in my community of Havendale. The driver of the BMW thought that the best way to handle the matter was to pull out his/her gun and shoot INTO the taxi. Seventeen years old, Khajeel Mais, an innocent passenger, who was on his way to a school fete at the Meadowbrook High School died at the Kingston Public Hospital while receiving treatment for a bullet to his head.

...And a family in Clarendon awakes to find a chilling note from thieves who entered their house by night. While the thieves made way with about $200,000 the firearm of the husband, who is a soldier and the family's passports what they left behind tells the tale of how different the family's fate could have been. Thinking that the husband was a police officers, the thieves explained how they could have killed the man but decided againt it.

This, folks, is the nation that prides itself as being a Christian nation. This is the Christian nation where marijuana cannot be dicriminalised (so that Rastafari can conduct their religious right in peace or the poor man can sell two spliff and make a money to feed himself and his family or a young professional like myself can enjoy a blunt just to hold a meditation [pon a level]). This the Christian nation where a young lady/man cannot get the freedom to engage in transactional sex to be able to subsist. This is the Christian nation where it is NOT ok for persons to express themselves freely especially when it does not fall into the acceptable constructs of gender performance. Thi is the Christian nation that is so concerned about what happens in the confines of the bedroom of two consenting adults. THIS is the Christian nation that wont relent in ensuring that there is NO allowance for horse racing on Sunday, The Lord's Day or for gambling, period! After all, this is a Christian Nation where the Christian church is the moral police aka guard DOGS in society and will make its voice heard on the aforementioned issues. This is the same Christian nation where the Watch DOGS remain silent on the three incident that I had reported earlier.

1. Where are those who are suppose to have their fingers on the pulse of the goings-on in the country to send out releases, condemning such heinous acts? Or are those not important enough for their commentary ?

2. Where is Shirley Richards with her Lawyers Christian Fellowship (LCF) members to lobby for legislation which will allow for a registry of child sex offenders and stiffer penalties for same? Is that not a kind of sexual behaviour that hurts others. Is she just concerned about the bedroom affairs of gays and lesbians? Is this not an issue for the LCF to become impassioned about? I am sure "Betty" over at Hear the Children's Cry can use the solidarity in fighting that cause.

3. I am waiting to see the prayer vigils and breakfasts and crusades that will help fight the monster of crime... After all God is powerful and crime is unnatural or is it?


  1. Albert R. WilliamsJuly 5, 2011 at 2:50 AM

    Love this bro. U echoed my sentiments.

  2. LCF busy trying to get the keys to our bedrooms, I swear that Ms Richards is struggling with repressed same gender feelings hence her constant hit backs lol

    great post

  3. @Albert R. Williams: Any "conscionable" human being will be outraged about what has happened and the complicity of those who have set themselves up as the moral police of society. Thanks for stopping my to show your love.

    @GLBTQ Jamaica: Certainly, Shirley would prefer lobbying to prevent consenting adult from having autonomy over their own bedrooms. That is more important to her than lobbying to see one of her Christian brothers, accused of sexually assaulting two underage girls be brought to justice. Let us not forget that this Pastor man was found not-guilty amid compelling DNA evidence. Richards' obsession with sexuality might be, as you have intimated, a result of her own repressed issues but it may also be informed by in very warped understanding of Christian valued buttressed in a very literalist interpretation of scriptures. Apparently, the Christian value system is mute on the issues raised in the post and the one jut mentioned in this comment... Thanks for stopping by...

  4. Indeed, but these events happen all over the world and as a matter of fact if it wasn't for the praying church worse would be happening in this small country of ours. Surely you didn't expect the Church to investigate these crimes, isn't that the job of the police for. In such matters all the church can do is pray, preach the real Gospel to the nation, feed the poor and widow, etc.

    Maybe you should change your topic to "the lazy police force" or something.

  5. I wish I understood your point Damion... If the Church's responsibility is limited to what you have outlined then the church serves no real purpose and thus the nomenclature "Christian Nation" is at best a "malapprop".

    Moreover, had you followed the outline of my argument you would not have provided the feedback that you did. The church clearly has stuck its nose into areas that are not its business, why is this one an exception? Does it arbitrarily choose those things that it wants to speak to and against?

    It is perhaps even sadder that the church does not even understand its GOD appointed responsibility to be advocates of justice and rights and liberty... the ignorance that the church displays is rather instructive....RATHER....


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