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With a National Pledge that emphatically promises, "Before God and all mankind... to stand up for Justice, Brotherhood and Peace, to... play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race", one would have hoped that those who are charged with the responsibility of inspiring the realisation of this vision of harmony, where justice equalises the "we" and the "they", would commit themselves to same. Unfortunately, the political history of Jamaica is one that belies the words of the pledge. Dogged by violence, corruption, perversion of justice and self aggrandisement,tribalised partisan politics have left the Jamaican masses; the poor and less educated, plundered.

The May 24th, 2010 incursion into Tivoli Gardens(TG), West Kingston is nothing short of a travesty. Combined armed forces moved in on the fortified TG and war ensued. Snipers awaited the police and defense force; gun fire rained down, up and across. More than 70 civilians, according to police reports, were left dead in the after-math of the three day exchange; children left traumatised from the barrage of bullets. The grotesque sight of scores of lifeless bodies sprawled in the streets; the stench of the onslaught, pungent and repugnant. The scene, reminiscent of the gulf war or of US invasion of Afghanistan. Mothers and wives, aunts, cousins, nieces and sisters wailing in the streets because their sons, husbands, cousins, uncles,brothers are either found dead or missing (some are still missing and unable to be given a proper burial); many buried in mass graves.

All that I have just described is as a result of an operation ordered and sanctioned by Bruce Golding, the prime minister of Jamaica, who gave orders for the arrest of Tivoli strongman and alleged crime lord, Christopher "Dudus" Coke. This same Bruce Golding, who somehow was not the Prime Minister but the Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), was the one who attempted to protect said "Dudus" in the US extradition drama by soliciting the assistance of US based law firm Mannatt, Phelps and Phillips(MPP) to broker discussions between Washington and Kingston; something he earlier denied vehemently but has since confessed that he commissioned only as the leader of the JLP and not as Prime Minister. But what business does a political party have in an impasse between two governments? Bruce LIED and many took the fall for his lies including former Junior Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ronald Robinson and innocent people from within the constituency that afforded him his lofty position. Bruce made an apology to the nation (still telling LIES)and after his apology, which he postured as the truth, Brady begun to give Jamaica the truth without clothes - "the naked truth".

Almost nine months later, and still, many persons in Tivoli are trying to pull the pieces of their lives together, others left without breadwinners - destitution and despondence reek in Tivoli and some are still searching for answers and instead of an inquiry into their circumstance, the government is spending MILLIONS into an inquiry that will yield no new answers. What new can be revealed from that MPP inquiry? Who sanctioned the retention of MPP? BRUCE GOLDING!! Did he do so in the capacity as Prime Minister? HELL YES; why else will government offices be exploited to make contact with MPP?

The incursion into Tivoli was meant to be a cosmetic operation, perhaps. Perhaps the collateral damage was not anticipated. But it did happen! Innocent lives were lost!There was NO stand for justice; NO advancing of the welfare of the WHOLE human (Tivolian) race! There was, instead, the advancement of an agenda that was corrupt, self-seeking and EVIL! It is evil when posturing (appearing to prove your innocence) is more important than protecting the rights of the poor. It is EVIL when the lawyer of the JLP can have access to government's documents that can prove crucial in this farce of an inquiry! I am angry! Let us demand more! The Trinity: BRUCE aka Prime Minister aka Leader of the JLP (whichever one of them is responsible for the travesty - since he ,when being held accountable, suffers dis-associative personalities) MUST resign! This MPP inquiry is a waste of money unless it is another corrupt attempt of sharing the spoils with his friends - ooops! I meant commissioners *rolls eyes*!

May history remember those innocent Tivolians who were the one "deading bifronta dem maddorz, dem gorlfren and dem chiljrens." May history also hold Bruce Golding and his administration accountable for their deaths. And may history, somehow, find a way to right this wrong...I have hope that the latter is possible. Just as Jamaicans, with a collective voice forced Bruce into a concoction of an apology, together we can put an end to his LIES.

Do you think this MPP inquiry makes sense? Do you believe that the deaths of innocent Tivolians should go unnoticed? What can we do?


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