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Receiving Aids!!

Granny always said to me, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." I understand the context and perspective from which she came. Peradventure there are those of us who may read from the perspective of the advantaged, we may miss the message altogether. I want to read that biblical saying from the point-of-view of the vulnerable; those living with HIV and AIDS - receiving is more of a blessing to them than giving!

Today (December 1, 2010) is World AIDS Day. Last year nearly ½ million babies were born with HIV. If we add that number to an equal number of mother and on top of that an equal number of fathers we have 1.5 million and we have not even begun to unearth the real numbers. By 2015, that number could be zero. We can make it a reality. But how? People living with HIV and AIDS have needs. Those needs may vary. It may be the support of friends and family; it may be access to care and treatment; it may even be a warm shelter and a hot meal but whatever their need, the aid received will be so much of a blessing to their lives.

Complex Problem Simple Solutions from CVC on Vimeo.

Today, my prayer is that those winning against HIV and AIDS will be blessed by one act of kindness from the rest of the world: a hug; a meal; financial donations to the agencies that offer care and support to people living with HIV and AIDS. Find out how you can volunteer or contribute. Be a blessing by giving aids (help) and allowing someone else to be blessed by receiving. For, from the perspective of those living with HIV and AIDS it is more blessed to receive!

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If you will like to know how you can help, you may contact Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL) at (876)978-4668/7876 or visit their website You may also visit their offices at 4 Upper Musgrave Avenue.

You may also want to contact Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC):

Caribbean Vulnerable Communities
4 Upper Musgrave Avenue, Kingston10, Jamaica, West Indies

Tel/Fax: +1 876 978 9482



  1. Damien: Thanks for bringing attention to the issues via your blog. Well appreciated

  2. No Problem Ivan... Awareness helps in reducing stigma and discrimination and also in raising funds to fight the disease. Like you, I remain committed to all efforts to bring an end to the scourge of the disease, especially among our most vulnerable population. Continue to offer yeoman service through your various engagements around the issue!

  3. Thnx for the info Bro...i must say im much more aware of all thats happening in the caribbean and even in the world right now on HIV/AIDS.

  4. That is great Anonymous! Let this awareness now spur you on to ACTION/GOOD WORKS!


    Peace and Tolerance!

  5. I have felt the impact of this blog as far as Toronto Canada.....This is well written and speaks to the many issues that people living with AIDS/HIV experiance. It is my hope that we will all continue to support and stand with those living with the illness

    Dr Leo.M

  6. Thank you for your feedback Dr. Leo M. I am glad we can impact you with our story. I know the fight is on world wide. Unfortunately, in less developed states like ours, the fight is more tedious. Not only do we fight against stigma and discrimination but there is the issue of access to treatment and support for the persons living with the illness, especially vulnerable populations (like those within GLBTQI community, the homeless, sex workers and substance users). Perhaps you may help today by publishing this blog or the video on this blog so that persons can become more aware of the issues we confront and help us to fight those through financial partnerships and otherwise. YOu may also share the contact information for the organisations listed in this post.


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