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Guilty: Battyman, Sodomite, Chichi fi dead!

Guilty as charged! Condemned to death! Silent! Everyone is silent. Erased memory; inconspicuous and insignificant existence. An aberration worthy of extinction. A social leper; a miscreant. Guilty as charged! For murder, robbery, pedophilia, wounding with intent? For blasphemy, genocide, arson, corruption or Fraud? For incest, possession of narcotics? What was her crime? It was being different!

The Price for Being Different!

Transgenderism is perhaps a[n]topic/issue that we, in Jamaica, are neither aux fait with nor comfortable in addressing. "Transgenderism" is not necessarily akin to homosexuality.It is not about being a "Mama man", (Effeminate) or being a "Man Royal" (Woman who acts "manly"). It is as dynamic and intricate as it gets as therapists, psychologists and academics, alike, try to define the workings of Transgenderism. But most fundamentally it is about human beings who feel entrapped in a body that their person cannot relate to (Man trapped in female body and vice versa). I know the Christian zealots will come to me with arguments about "sin" and "unnatural" tendencies. To you I say, move away with your fallacious positions, informed by your bigotry, arrogance and ignorance. [ note to self: I am so happy that this is not an academic response [though calculated] so I dont have to be diplomatic and hide my anger and passion]. With all your repudiations of the unnatural aka sinful, why do you wear clothes? Why don't you go about in your "natural" state. Or does natural take on relativity when it is convenient to you?


A Transgender Jamaican young lady with whom I was acquainted and whom I have served in professional and charitable capacities was mutilated and murdered recently in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies; an island repeatedly touted by Government and Christian fundamentalists as a Christian Nation. The young lady, known to me as Charms, whose corpse was found with stab wounds behind the National Solid Waste Agency and General Insurance Branch Limited on Half-Way-Tree Road in St Andrew on Friday, November 3, 2010 was identified by representative[s] of Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-sexuals and Gays (JFALG). It is also reported that Charms had his fingers chopped off and were found in a paper bag. Her killers thought of perhaps the most gruesome of ways to execute this dreg of society. "Let's not just kill her; let's make it slow and painful." The way Charms was killed is is indicative of how worthless she was considered.

My Concerns

In this "Christian" Society, as some will love to believe,no-one has come out to condemn the killing of Charms; a Jamaican citizen who happens to be transgender. Neither the Government nor the Christian church. Today is already December 5th. Apparently, it does not matter that a transgender person has been murdered in a Christian country. After all, as Christians we cannot tolerate the abominable in our society right? God is purging our society of such aberrations as Charms. My concern with this kind of Christian ethos or the possibility of Jamaica being a Christian state for real is that the non-Christian will have no guarantee of protection of their humanity. In a Christian society, diversity is worse than blasphemy and the guilty are treated worse than the common criminal. In a Christian society, bigotry and injustice posture themselves as righteous indignation and restoration of morality. In a Christian society, some lives are less important than others. It is the reemergence of the superior human; neo-nazi ideologies disguised in the holy 'frock'.

The Irony is that the standard of holiness seems to be a moving target. Christian parents will prefer their teenage daughters come home pregnant than for her to introduce them to her female lover (don't dare make any assumptions). The same sort of misanthropy and indifference evidenced by the silence of the church may not necessarily be the case if gunmen had opened fire on a bunch of revilers or heterosexual whoremongers. "ah bway! donkey seh di worl' nuh level!"

I am sick to my stomach! I am saddened by what has happened to Charms. Yes, because I was acquainted with her. Yes, because for Charms and others who have been denied a voice while alive are even denied a voice in their death. Once again, their cries for justice and acceptance is silenced by SILENCE! But I am even more saddened that a human being was killed and was not even accorded as much respect as a mongrel dog. But I refuse to be silenced. Call me what you may. Call me battyman, faggot, aberration, miscreant, nasty dirty; a friend of gays - WHATEVER!!! I rather be all of that than be complicit in EVIL.

I am happy to have found the disconnect between Christianity and God; Between religion and truth. Christianity is slowly becoming Nazi reincarnate!

I am Damien Marcus Williams (I am Cross, angry, miserable)And......


  1. I however have not heard the news of this "Tran-sexual", but people die everyday, i remember one case where i school girl was killed and a stick shove down here her vagina, neither the church or government said anything about that, other gruesome crimes have been committed and nothing have been said either by the church or the Government, now people can take this whichever way they want, call me homophobic or anything, my beliefs will remain the same untainted by religious concepts, i have nothing against lesbians or gays even though i do encourage a change or life style, but the reality is "Charms" is no different from any other victims in Jamaica and Marcus, God forbid but if you were killed in a worse off manner i don't believe the government or the church would say anything.

    I am Damion Simms (Untainted by religious beliefs and culture) seeks however to know the nature of God, I am a Christian not by your definition but by the definition of what a Christian is suppose to be.

  2. Damion, you obviously are unaware of the inequalities in society. The government has always been known to condemn gruesome acts of violence with people who "matter". The fact that you are unaware of it does not preclude the existing inequalities. Injustice in any instance is my point and obviously had you read carefully you would have concluded that this group is not about gay, straight or lean it is about the respect of humanity. Your mention of lesbian, gay or straight is again indicative of your reading of this blog with coloured lenses of preconceived notions. Furthermore, Charms is/was not a transexual and the term was never mentioned in this blog.

    If the church/Christianity of which you admittedly are a part of is the vanguard of justice and righteousness then it is a MUST that is speaks out against injustice everywhere. Certainly, if this was about a woman choosing to do with her body as she wills or asking for recognition of sex work, the church leaders will be up on their soap boxes. They were nosiy for the proverbial 8 days when bruce announced casino gambling in a "Christian" nation but they have since shut up and have gone to bed with him and that issue. It is the double standard and hypocrisy that I repudiate.
    Lastly, I do not expect the church to say anything on my behalf when I am dead/if I am murdered. I am my OWN voice. If your response herein is an indication od what Christianity is supposed to be then I am afraid that it is no better than Christianity by MY definition.

    I am Damien Marcus Williams (And......)

  3. Re-Read the major points. okay this Trans gendered person was murdered have the police actually come up with a theory or motive for the killing? Was it that some Jamaican decided that she was a menace to society and has taken it upon his/her self to get rid of this "nuisance", or was it an act of Jealous between her and the spouse?
    But as you said this is about the inequalities in society which has and will always be, some will be treated better and some.... well some will be treated as dogs.
    "If the church/Christianity of which you admittedly are a part of is the vanguard of justice and righteousness then it is a MUST that is speaks out against injustice everywhere"
    Change starts with a person, so i suggest you make the big leap and help to get the church where it needs to be to speak against unrighteous acts.

    Sigh...... then again the definition of Christianity defers for me, which means i must take back what i said about being a Christian, and replace it with "Practicing to be a Christian" because some of my attitudes aren't Christ like at all.

    I am Damion Simms ......... Giving a Damn.....PENDING!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this news with the world. Humanity regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation should be respected. I am very pleased to see that you have given voice to a very silent issue in your country. It is my hope that people will come together to give voice to people that are marginalize and oppress in our communities.May her soul rest in peace......and continue with your good work

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your feedback. I am of the view that injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, according to Martin Luther King. Further, I believe that the lack of respect for humanity is responsible for the high rates of murder that Jamaica has become so [in]famous for. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. The church is much too busy minding its own heavenly business to be too concerned about these earthly matters (and I say this realizing the problem of speaking about "the church"). The problem is that the heavenly matters by which we are consumed in Jamaica so often mirrors the narrow theologizing of our evangelical and pentecostal friends to the north - being anti-abortion, anti-gambling and anti-homosexuality) with little or no concern for the bigger issues of anti-injustice and anti-mercilessness. We are so concerned about our own security that we are afraid to speak out, but then again, what does merely speaking out do? Maybe we should stop being "anti(s)" and cast our attention to more positives - pro-justice, pro-mercy, pro-love, pro-development and empowerment of the most vulnerable, pro-caring, etc. Maybe if we couch our ideas in this way we will then need to ask how to actionize them and just perhaps we will see more positives happening.

    Whether or not Charms was killed by a jealous lover or a bigoted homophobe, the act must be condemned. but we will all have to agree that the motivation would be different and just maybe we cannot use this as an example of homophobia. In any case we need to create a more tolerant society where we can hear people's struggles and stop assuming that they are whatever...

  7. Damion, this is a powerful piece. It only takes brave people to write like a society like Jamaica.

  8. @Englee2006 Thanks for passing by! I am glad you saw this as a powerful post. Everyday I keep pushing against the wall of bigotry/misanthropy hoping that the next day it would be the last because the wall would have been shoved down. I see the wall falling eventually...

    Guidance and Tolerance!

  9. "It is also reported that Charms had his fingers chopped off and were found in a paper bag."

    Who is this mysterious "he"?

  10. The "his" there is a typo. That should have read "her" instead...

  11. i have struggle with the taught ever single day and still i have not come to a conclusion the church is suppose to be a place of refuge and place of support but yet still its the place where u get more hate and judge . we all beleive that God did not make homosexual okay fine . however god also want us to be happy u have have men who have children they get married and every day they fight to be in that marriage cause they are not happy what happen there? . we as jamaican need to leave people business be at the end of they the man who is without sin cast the first stone. blow the bust out your eye before u see someone elses eye . this is some good stuff damein and thanks for showcasing it to us

    1. Thank you for sharing your heart... I appreciate you reading and expressing. Keep heart.


  12. it is time that the rest of the world wake up!!!!!!!!!! Dwayne Jones death should be a starting point. Tourists who visit the island should stop go. Avoid buying Jamaican made products, do not patronize any thing Jamaican. This is what the LBGT communities all over the world should be doing. For change to take place we have to compel to actions.get the international communities involved. I think Mr. Jones basic human rights has be violated and infringed on.

    Create poster, banner, ads in magazines, television and advertise that Jamaica is not a place to visit and do business.

    the heads of government in the region have to refuse audience with PM of Jamaica. Caricom too have to do their part.

    even if it means do not allow Jamaican to enter your country if their not part of the LGBT community. Little Jamaica against the world.

    some pressure should be applied on usain bolt as well. reporters, you too have to do your part. See what is usain views on homosexuality in Jamaica and what will be his contribution to stop hate crime. the world stand with him in victory. let see how he will react to the world on a simple human right issue.

    get the us president involved, amnesty and human rights. Jamaican government has sign on to many convection that they are in complete violation.

    to win this war, we have to attack as professional and educated one too


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