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Commission of Enquiry or An attempt to get Jamaicans to "kibba dem mout"?

Recently, Prime Minister, Bruce Golding named the persons comprising the commission of enquiry into the Mannatt, Phelps and Phillips (MPP) saga. While the Prime Minister is constitutionally exonerated from all accusation of corruption and attempt to thwart the course of justice, it was neither politically expedient nor transparent in the eyes of the people for him to have done so.

Under interrogation, is not the competence or integrity of the persons who sit on the commission. The integrity of enquiry itself is that which is being compromised. It makes no difference whether or not the commission follows ethical procedures, if people do not trust the fact that it was selected by the person being investigated then the findings wont worth the paper it is written on. "Den agien, dem mait not iivn badda fi riviil di faindinz jos az dem did haid up di tingz bout povoti" (said in whisper tone)

Imagine if you may, a thief or murderer (not saying that Bruce is either)having the opportunity to choose the judge and jury that will try his/her case.


Unlike most persons who accuse Bruce of trying to fool the Jamaican people, I just happen to think that he is clueless as to the ramifications of his actions.


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