"They need to get their priority in order."

"They do not have money to send their children to school but they have time to put in hairstyle!"

"I am not sorry for them at all. They too wicked."

These are among the value statements we make against people living in economically depressed conditions. We speak with such contempt when it comes to the poor and how they "adjust their priorities." We, with our well-thinking selves, impose upon those we presume ourselves to know better than, a set of values and priorities we "know" to be good for them, so that they can get their lives in "order".

I recently was invited to speak at two primary schools for their career day. The National Theme was, "Expanding Horizons for Vision 2010." There was never a concern in my mind about what I would speak about. That part would be rather easy. The work that Habitat for Humanity, the International Non-Governmental Organisation for which I work, is doing in three vulnerable communities in Portmore, St.

Dear Damien,

What a year 2016 has been!!!

It began very daunting, didn't it? Did you think you would be where you are now? I suppose not. We all only see through a glass dimly and very often our own vision cannot see beyond our current realities. But Hey... God worked it out for your good!

Every experience came into your life as your teacher. You were not quite receptive to some of your teachers in the beginning I notice.

The most fatal blow to success is being stuck in the past. It prohibits you from moving forward and even if you do make a little headway, it foists limitations upon you. I am going to use three women from the bible to illustrate how important it is to let go of the past. Two sisters-in-law had similar experiences but very different reactions.

3 Signs That Say You Are Stuck


Recently, two white, American male missionaries were murdered in St. Mary, Jamaica. CNN picked up on the incident and news anchor, Ashleigh Banfield came under fire by "Brand Jamaica apologists" for referring to Jamaica as "extraordinarily violent". One broadcast veteran, Fae Ellington, a woman I hold in very high regard, tweeted, "#CNN Jamaica has pockets of violence.

Rising to the top of the world in any field of pursuit is no mean feat. It takes more than sheer luck or divine intervention. It takes A LOT of discipline and hard work, to say the least. But when you have given all you can to chase your dreams and it seems elusive or out of your grasps, it takes an equal amount of discipline and hard work to stay the course and never give up.

It has been a while since I posted. This is my first post for the year and it is about politics.

Since my last post, much has happened. We had 2 months of intense political campaigning; had a general election; swore in a new prime minister and convened a new parliament.

During the election campaign, my support was thrown entirely behind the People's National Party (PNP). My support of the party rested, largely, in what I believe to be the party's philosophical grounding - people power.

“Through many dangers toils and snares, I have already come…”

That is my favourite line in the hymn, “Amazing Grace”. It is both powerful and poignant, propelling the pliable heart towards apprehending purpose in every experience. We tend only to extrapolate value from those pleasant experiences. But every experience has value – they all come to teach us something – about life and about ourselves.

As a student of theology, “truth” had been both an area of deep reflection as well as a pursuit for me. What is truth? How do I apprehend this truth? And, what do I do with this truth once apprehended?

“And you shall know the truth and the truth [that you know] shall make you free” (John 8:32).

This is not a post about epistemology per se but one about the power and freedom and sometimes humiliation that come with standing in the truth that you know.